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Common Sense Cow in... Udderly Sensible | VeeFriends

Don't overthink it. This cow is made of common sense.

In a time when we can overly complicate, overly analyze, and overly plot, plan, and process, Common Sense Cow reminds us to use common sense and go for it.

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common sense cow to the moon

series 1

series 2


# of unique owners


# of unique owners

559 days

average hodl time

359 days

average hodl time

20.00 ETH

floor price

0.39 ETH

floor price

0.00 ETH

floor gap

0.11 ETH

floor gap

Recent Activity

Common Sense Cow #31511 sold for 0.55 ETH

Common Sense Cow #49773 sold for 0.29 WETH

Common Sense Cow #43864 sold for 0.42 WETH

Common Sense Cow Hologram (Iconics 1/1) sold for 0.7 ETH

Common Sense Cow #46546 sold for 0.2439 WETH

recent activity

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