Mini Drops

"Spooky Vees"

est. October 31, 2021

Mini Drop - Details


What are 'Spooky Vees'?

Spooky Vees is a limited edition collection of 31 tokens featuring VeeFriends characters that fit the Halloween vibes. If you have one of the ten featured characters you are eligible to claim one of these limited edition tokens on a first come first serve basis.

The eligible VeeFriends characters include:

How to enter:

Make sure you wallet is connected. If you're not connected, please click the 'Connect Wallet' button above (top right). When connected and your account is eligible - click the 'Enter the queue' button below and complete the form. If you're one of the first 31 entrants, then you'll be air dropped a special 'Spooky Vee' NFT.

Visit the collection on OpenSea for any secondary sales!

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Want to know more? Check out out our blog post 'Trick or Treat? Nah. Spooky Vees!' for more details!