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  • What is a VeeFriends Gift Goat token?

    The Gift Goat is a coveted VeeFriends token verifiable for an exclusive gifting experience curated by Gary Vaynerchuk and the VeeFriends team. A minimum of 6 gifting experiences consisting of a physical gift and an airdropped NFT will be sent to Gift Goat token holders per year for three years until the gifting experience expires in May 2024. The Gift Goat token comes with a total of 18 gifts, or 36 items (18 physical items and 18 NFTs). Each time 1 of the 18 gifts are delivered to token holders the “Gift Count” of the Gift Goat token will be updated across all tokens for the public’s visibility.

    Gifts Currently Remaining: 0/18

    Current Gift Claim Window: The Gift #18 snapshot has been taken as of Friday April 26th, 12PM ET.

  • Gift Goat - Gift Tracker

    Our intrepid Gift Goat is making an epic journey through the lands, virtual and real, bestowing his gifts wherever he appears. Follow along with the saga below:

  • Gift #1 - Goat's Arrival in Creature World

    A Gift Goat is slowly wandering through a misty landscape. The clouds ahead begin to part and a world slowly comes into view. This new world is colorful, magical, and filled with a sense of possibility. It is… Creature World.

    A physical print of Danny Cole’s work titled Goat's Arrival in the Creature World . The artwork is an 18” x 24” four-color screen printed on 100lb card stock. The print (1/555) is signed by both the artist, Danny Cole and Gary Vaynerchuk.

    Goat’s Arrival in Creature World is a Gift Goat collaborative series of 555 tokens - a magical realm from the mind of artist Danny Cole. The Gift Goats received one token from 1 of 5 sets of 111 limited edition tokens featuring Goat's Arrival in Creature World in Green, Orange, Purple, Red, or Yellow.

    Gifted On: December 1, 2021

  • Gift #2 - The Gift Within The Goat

    After a grueling journey to the top of the mountain to seek guidance from Profound Possum, Gift Goat is shown that the answers they are seeking have been inside them all along…

    In collaboration with VeeFriends, Profound (an exceptional brand built on the convergence of streetwear and high fashion) has created a spectacular piece of exclusive custom apparel: a cotton shell, satin lined jacket adorned with embroidered patching featuring VeeFriends and a numbered woven label. This jacket is exclusive only to current Gift Goat owners.

    The Gift Within the Goat is a Gift Goat collaborative series of 555 tokens - snapshots from the world of Pop Wonder, created by Illustrator JP Downer. The Gift Goats received one token from 1 of 5 sets of 111 limited edition tokens featuring The Gift Within The Goat.

    Gifted On: January 28, 2022

  • Gift #3 - Where My Goats Go

    Our beloved Goat has gained great courage after meeting with Profound Possum and is continuing its ascension, this time above the towering skyscrapers of New York City. To the moon? Maybe…but the greatest journeys are never completed in a straight line

    In their first NFT partnership AND their first collaboration with NFT photographer Isaac “Drift” Wright, the artist behind the iconic NFT collection Where My VANS Go, apparel company VANS has created a template commemorating the artwork Gary & Drift drew on their shoes prior to their photoshoot flight above New York City. These sneakers, aptly named When Goats Fly, are exclusive only to current Gift Goat owners and will have customization options ensuring each Goat gets a pair that represents their unique style.

    Where My Goats Go is a collection of 555 tokens comprising 37 editions. Each edition is a unique photograph taken by Drift during his helicopter flight with GaryVee. Prior to the flight, the duo, inspired by their respective creative backgrounds, drew on two pairs of Old Skool VANS. The helicopter then took a flight course above iconic NYC landscapes while they reimagined Drift’s signature style from his collection Where My Vans Go and photographed their feet hanging over the greatest city in the world.

    The Gift Goats received 1 of 37 limited edition tokens (15 in each edition) that make up a total of 555 tokens

    Gifted On: March 18, 2022

  • Gift #4 - Radial Infinity

    Gift Goat’s journey has taken them higher and higher - heads get light, pupils dilate and colors begin to swirl through their vision. Spinning into infinity, fractals and geometric figures blend and blur. Gift Goat has entered Jen Stark’s domain.

    Gift - Infinite Objects’ newest technology, Print Your NFT, is a great example of how Web3 is driving innovation all around us and leading the way to displaying moving images as art in your home. They create a Video Print, a permanently looping video elegantly framed for display. Gift Goat owners received a large Video Print matching the exclusive Jen Stark NFT they received.

    NFT - Radial Infinity is a collection of 555 tokens comprising of 15 editions. Each edition comes from the mind of artist Jen Stark and is in her signature kaleidoscopic and colorful style. The kinetic effect serves to dislocate the viewer from their ordinary reality into an environment of echoing patterns and designs found in nature.

    Gifted On: April 26, 2022

  • Gift #5 - Work Hard Play Hard

    A Gift Goat’s work is never done, with more gifts to be given and adventures ahead. Don’t get it wrong, they love their work - it’s their greatest joy and gives life meaning. But you know, sometimes a goat needs to decompress and take some time to unwind. Our Gift Goat does nothing by half measures - it’s time to burn off some steam and watch Gift Goat Work Hard Play Hard with DeeKay and Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

    Gift - For Gift #5, we’re honored and excited to be part of Johnnie Walker’s emergence into Web3. The gifting package consists of a serialized bottle that also features the Gift Goat artwork, two Italian leather coasters, and two crystal highball glasses - this kit spares no attention to detail.

    NFT - Work Hard Play Hard is a collection of five editions of 111 NFTs, created by the extraordinary artist DeeKay. DeeKay Kwon is an animator who is known for creating hyper-detailed, narrative animations of his endearing doodles. Each animation is full of genuine humor and tons of heart. Packed with clever details, each time through the loop the viewer will notice something new they haven’t seen before.

    Gifted On: May 3, 2022

  • Gift #6 -The Goat That Keeps On Chillin'

    *Inhale* *Exhale* - Gift Goat takes a breath. As we prepare to head to VeeCon and take a look back on Series 1, it is time to slow down and take a moment to take in everything we experienced and synthesize all we are grateful for. Breathing deeply, Gift Goat relaxes and emulates the slow, deliberate quintessence of the SLOTH.

    Gift - In this unique original artwork by SLOTH, Gift Goat’s will be holding a physical moment from Web3 history. Each Gift Goat will receive a signed individual piece out of the 555 canvases that created the Gift Goat Mural presented at VeeCon. SLOTH utilizes his signature style using spray paint and acrylic paint to create a giant 50’ x 10’ explosive mural for all attendees to enjoy. After the mural is displayed at VeeCon, it will be disassembled on the spot and each individual canvas will be shipped directly from Minneapolis off to the Gift Goats as a relic from the inaugural VeeCon Event.

    This physical artwork not only symbolizes the Gift Goat presence at VeeCon, but will also embody the collective that is the Gift Goat holders, as each piece represents the Gift Goat community as a whole.

    NFT - In this Gift Goat collaboration, we are pleased to present The Goat That Keeps On Chillin’ - a collection of 555 unique 1/1 NFTs. The NFT features Gift Goat chillin’ with “Rare” Robot in signature color combinations throughout the piece, such as the borders, the Goats, and the ETH diamonds. Additionally, the number on each spaceship also corresponds to each Gift Goat number.

    Artist Timmy Ham, known as SLOTH, is a designer and illustrator from Phoenix, AZ. He began his art career as a street artist, with SLOTH as his tag. He took his inspiration for SLOTH from the idea that everyone could benefit from slowing down, and taking time to appreciate the things that are meaningful to them. Over the next ten years he developed his aesthetic into a lifestyle brand, creating apparel, murals, footwear, vinyl figures, and everything in between. He has been awarded a Shorty Award, honoring the best of social media and digital for ‘Best in Art’ while also creating art for companies like Lexus, Toyota, Pepsi, and Adobe.

    Gifted On: May 5, 2022

  • Gift #7 - Duck, Duck, Goat!

    Ah, home sweet home! After an exhilarating journey to VeeCon, Gift Goat has returned home full of inspiration and plans for the future. But of course it's no ordinary home - Gift Goat's house is unique. Each time you look, you will see that its details changes. Blink once and you see rose bushes, blink again and there are mushrooms. The house is painted yellow, and then suddenly it is a deep indigo galaxy filled with stars. Is that Gift Goat playing football in the front yard?! Remaining constant in the sea of changes is our intrepid Goat, and his new friend KingFrog who has come to visit from the SupDucks metaverse to say simply, ‘Sup?’

    Gift - Each Gift Goat holder will receive a pair of Huckberry's All-Weather Duck Boots, a 100% waterproof hybrid boot that combines rugged, boot-like performance with the all-day comfort of a lightweight pair of sneakers. These All-Weather Duck Boots are made from only the toughest materials to ensure long-lasting quality including: waterproof full-grain leather, Vibram rubber outsoles, waxed cotton laces and brass hardware. With these boots you will be ready to tackle any adventure or terrain the next adventure Gift Goat brings you on from mountain tops to sea shores!

    NFT - In this Gift Goat collaboration, we are pleased to present ‘Gifty Goat Delivery’ in collaboration with artist Frankynines, founder of MegaVoltCorp and mastermind of SupDucks. Each of the one-of-one NFTs contains unique combinations of colors & design elements, all featuring Gift Goat along with KingFrog who has crossed the metaverse to visit. The NFT features Gift Goat at their home, but in true Gift Goat style, it is no ordinary home as each Gift Goat relaxes from the long journey to plan their next adventure.

    Gifted On: June 30, 2022

  • Gift #8 - JP the Goat by King Saladeen

    As Gift Goat reminisces on the amazing event that was VeeCon 2022, a light knock on the door catches Gift Goat's attention. Gift Goat discovers he has a neighbor, and as destiny should have it, it would guide him through Gift #8. From the mind of King Saladeen, he meets JP the Money Bear.

    At the prime age of 40, King Saladeen has many notable accomplishments including working with major brands such as the NFL, Topps, and Mercedes-Benz to name a few. King Saladeen is a celebrated artist growing in the collectibles space, the modern art space and now the Web3 space. Because of the trifecta of his notoriety across different art collections and culture, he is announced the GIFT GOAT #8 Artist.

    Gift - KING GOAT is a physical artwork collection with one of five exclusive King Saladeen print editions, featuring JP the Money Bear and Gift Goat, rendered in his vibrant, signature graphic style.

    Each Gift Goat holder will receive a mixed media digital pigment print with silkscreen of King Saladeen’s work, on Entrada 100% cotton rag 300gsm paper. The work will be 36 x 36 straight cut, with the image dimensions of 32 x 32. The work is individually sequenced and hand-signed by the artist.

    NFT - KING GOAT is a collection of 555 one-of-one tokens. The KING GOAT generative collection features Gift Goat and King Saladeen’s iconic JP the Money Bear in his signature unique combinations of materials, outfits, backgrounds, frames and eyeballs, sockets and pupils.

    Event - For the first time, Gift Goat holders were invited to an exclusive Gift Goat only event with Goats, Gary Vaynerchuk, Shaquille O'Neal, and Gift Goat #8 Artist. This Gift Goat exclusive event took place on October 26, 2022 at Overtime Elite Arena in Atlanta, GA, where Gift Goat holders who had RSVP’d attended this once-in-a-lifetime event. Activities included meeting the new Gift Goat #8 artist King Saladeen, a Fireside Talk and Q&A with Gary and Shaq, and the ultimate basketball Knockout competition!

    Gifted On: October 26, 2022

  • Gift #9 - JOY is the GOAT by JOY

    Soft snow falls around Gift Goat's perch atop a rocky mountain. Nestled into boughs of pine and hay, Gift Goat’s stomach slowly grumbles, calling for nourishment. Usually content with grasses and hay, tonight they are yearning for something new, something that will push back the cold and warm their body and spirit. With a flip of a switch the oven begins to warm and Gift Goat smiles with JOY, anticipating the comfort of a homemade meal on a cold winter’s night.

    Gift - For Gift Holders who are savvy enough to be on the cutting edge and own the world’s best gifting experience NFT, there is only one oven that will do. As Gift Goat is at the vanguard of gifting NFTs, June Oven is a technological leap for kitchen devices. Named an ‘oven’ for convenience, the June Oven uses advanced technology including machine learning and computer vision technologies to function as 6 different kitchen appliances

    Gift Goat Holders will be receiving the Plus model along with a premium recipe subscription free for 1 year. It’s a smart device with WiFi connectivity and an internal HD camera, enabling emerging chefs to remote preheat and adjust time and temp from anywhere, and keep an eye on what’s cooking with live video.

    NFT - Gift Goat holders will be gifted an NFT created and designed by JOY. We are excited for holders to receive their NFTs airdropped with a pre-revealed image for now, as Gift Goats can expect to see their gift unwrap and reveal next week. For now, we can reveal that this collection of 555 NFTs will all be 1/1s.

    Gift #9 NFT Airdrop: Friday, December 16th, 2022

    Gift #9 NFT Reveal: Thursday, December 22nd, 2022

  • Gift #10 - Good Game, Gift Goats

    Gift - As humans, we spend a considerable amount of time sitting, whether during work or leisure, and that's why Anthros is the ultimate luxury chair company that aims to revolutionize the sitting experience. Anthros chairs are not just ordinary; they result from +70 years of collaboration between medical professionals and physical therapists, making them the most comfortable and posture-improving chairs available.

    NFT - The popularity of Esports has exploded in recent years, attracting millions of fans globally. Bugha is among the top 3 gamers worldwide, with over 22 million followers across various channels, including an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

    VeeFriends has joined forces with Bugha to create his 1/1 rookie card NFT, the first-ever gamer rookie card on the Ethereum blockchain. Gilang Bogy, one of the first-ever sports card artists on the Ethereum blockchain, designed this unique card. As Esports continues to gain traction, Gift Goat is thrilled to partner with Bugha and offer this highly notable rookie card NFT to only Goats.

    Gift #10 NFT Airdrop: Thursday March 30th, 2023

    Gift #10 NFT Reveal: Thursday, April 6th, 2023

  • Gift #11: A Journey Through Time

    After a long night of gaming, Gift Goat was ready to hit the hay and get some much-needed rest. However, as soon as it closed its eyes, a strange and eerie figure with a skull-like face began appearing in its dreams, showing Gift Goat flashes of iconic moments from the past, present, and future. These visions left Gift Goat completely mesmerized and thirsty for more. As it finally awakened from its slumber, Gift Goat utters a single word: "iconic."

    Gift - VeeFriends and Iconic Images have curated a collection of 12 different Iconic Images. For the first time, Gift Goats will be able to select their preferred photograph on a first-come, first-served basis. Each edition sized 16x20 is exclusive to Gift Goat holders, and the photo is an authenticated and limited edition out of 50 and will arrive professionally framed. The photos feature a digitally estate-signed from the world-famous Terry O'Neill archives, so you can be sure they are of the highest quality and significance.

    NFT - Introducing the Rektography collection, featuring 12 editions totaling 555 tokens of hand-drawn animations by the acclaimed artist OSF. OSF has brought his kinetic strobing style to life through the classic analog cameras used by Terry O’Neill, one of the world's most collected photographers. The cameras featured in this collection are the iconic Leica 35mm and Hasselblad medium format.

    Gifted On: April 25, 2023

  • Gift #12: GIFT GOAT & GOAT MILK By Beeple

    Gift - Meet “GOAT MILK,” a unique high-end collectible born out of the VeeFriends collaborative Gift Goat program which encapsulates the madman and artistic genius that is Beeple. Adorning the GOAT MILK bottle label is Beeple’s iconic “Everydays’’ artwork, specifically included for the enjoyment of GOATs forever.

    “GOAT MILK” is a premium bottle used explicitly for the milk from GIFT GOAT, inspired by Beeple’s digital artwork for Gift Goat #12. The custom bottle serves as a bespoke artifact extending Beeple’s work’s digital origin. Its label embraces the branding and philosophy of Beeple’s acclaimed “Everydays” art, making it a truly exceptional and one-of-a-kind collectible item.

    NFT - GIFT GOAT is an original artwork of the prolific digital artist and creative visionary known as Beeple. GIFT GOAT was created as a part of Beeple’s ongoing “Everydays”, which is an artistic pursuit in humility and growth.

    For the first time ever, Beeple and VeeFriends co-created a new collection, a contract, and brought together two of the most esteemed collectors in NFTs. Both VeeFriends’ 555 Gift Goats and 555 Beeple collectors were airdropped this exclusive digital artwork on May 15th, 2023.

    Gifted On: May 15, 2023

    Learn more about Gift 12 here

  • Gift #13: Shine Bright Like a Gift Goat

    Gift - Renowned for its luxury pendants and Cuban links, VeeFriends has partnered with Liry’s Jewelry to create custom hand-made pendants crafted specifically for Gift Goat #13. The collection features both a Gift Goat pendant intricately adorned with natural sapphires, Genuine 925 Sterling Silver, and lab diamonds, as well as a Heart Trooper’s Staff pendant made with natural rubies and Genuine 925 Sterling Silver.

    NFT - Known for his distinctive style, described as esoteric futurism, digital artist Stuz0r has crafted “The Gift” exclusively for Gift Goat #13. The artwork for this collection invokes the essence of crystals and gems, aligning with the physical gifts offered in this experience mentioned above. Within The Gift, five unique digital artworks will be available, with editions limited to 111. These static image variations will showcase different perspectives of the subject, adding a thought-provoking layer to each piece.

    Gifted On: February 7, 2024

    Learn more about Gift 13 here

  • Gift #14: On The GOat

    Gift - VeeFriends Gift Goat #14 introduces another wave of premium products for holders, this time in collaboration with Prime Society, renowned producer of luxury leather goods known for its commitment to impeccable craftsmanship and timeless designs. Having worked with world-class professional athletes such as Tyreek Hill, Klay Thompson, Christian McCaffery, Prime Society is experienced in crafting high-end items tailored for discerning tastes.

    Each eligible Gift Goat will be treated to a curated selection of three exquisite items, all crafted from 100% genuine leather. Termed as the "Gift Goat Set," this travel set includes the Prime Society Duffle Bag, Prime Society Cross Body Bag, and Prime Society Card Holder.

    NFT - Adding an extraordinary artistic dimension to Gift Goat #14 is the Top of the Mountain by Alex Solis, aka alexmdc. These animated NFTs showcase moving characters and mesmerizing color shifts, highlighting Solis's iconic "me everyday" character. Within this collection of 555 total, there are five (5) rare NFTs, randomized during the airdrop process called Top of the Mountain with oddworx, adding an exciting twist to the collection.

    Gifted On: March 5, 2024

    Learn more about Gift 14 here

  • Gift #14.5: Tonal All-In-One Home Gym

    Gift - In Gift 14.5, an added opportunity within Gift Goat Season 3, all members of the Gift 13-15 snapshot were the opportunity to claim a 100% off promotional code for a free Tonal All-in-One Home Gym redemption valued over $4,000. Tonal’s game-changing features include replacing bulky free-weight racks and prioritizing convenience and safety with its Smart Accessories. Tonal’s compact and streamlined design fits into even the smallest spaces! Acting as a home gym and a personal trainer that learns from your lifts and tracks your progress. This sleek and space-saving product transforms your home into a versatile workout haven, eliminating expensive memberships, commuting hassles, and equipment availability issues. This code covers free delivery and installation via Tonal’s white glove service.

    Gifted On: March 20, 2024

    Learn more about Gift 14.5 here

  • Gift #15: The Battle For Balance Begins

    Gift - Introducing the inaugural issue of VeeFriends Comic Books: VeeFriends #1, debuting through Gift Goat #15! In this historic release, VeeFriends partners with an industry legend, cover artist J. Scott Campbell, and the authority in comic book grading, CGC, to present this special gifting experience for Series 1 Gift Goats. This convergence of two epics marks the origin of a legacy within the realm of VeeFriends IP, all exclusive to Gift Goat 15.

    In this important release, not only will Gift Goats receive 1 of just 555 copies of the first issue of VeeFriends #1 comic book, graded by CGC, but also a CGC-authenticated VeeFriends #1 cover print by J. Scott Campbell, limited to 555 copies. Additionally, Gift Goats will enjoy a one-year CGC Elite membership, airdrop of the VeeFriends #1 cover art Illustrated by J. Scott Campbell as the Gift Goat 15 NFT, and the opportunity to speak with the renowned artist J. Scott Campbell himself, making this a comprehensive Comic Book Collector’s Bundle.

    NFT - The NFT component of this gift, titled The Battle For Balance Begins, adds a novel digital dimension to the collector's bundle experience. Each comic book cover will be minted as an NFT (555 total editions), a digital rendition of the CGC-graded physical comic book cover. This innovative integration of blockchain technology enhances the value and uniqueness of the Comic Book #1 collection by bridging the gap between digital and physical collectibles.

    Gifted On: April 11, 2024

    Learn more about Gift 15 here

  • Gift #16: For What’s Important

    Gift - Gift Goat #16 showcases the 55" Samsung Neo QLED 4K QN90C, a Quantum dot-based television packed with over 8 million pixels that revolutionizes home entertainment. This Smart TV, valued at $1,499, allows you to stream your favorite shows through your favorite streaming providers. Gift Goats can also watch live tv through Samsung TV Plus, a free service included with your TV (channel offering varies by region).

    Harnessing the power of Quantum dots, this state-of-the-art 4K TV delivers unparalleled picture quality. Quantum dots, ultra-fine semiconductor materials, emit precise colored light, resulting in vibrant colors, enhanced contrast, and stunning visuals. Equipped with advanced features like Quantum Matrix with Mini LEDs, Neo Quantum HDR+, and Neural Quantum Processor 4K, viewers can delve into a world of exceptional contrast, stellar brightness, and vivid color, perfectly capturing the director's vision. Thanks to Samsung’s Anti-Glare with Ultra Viewing Angle technology, there’s no bad seat in the house. Whether it's movies, television, gaming, or more, this television set promises an unmatched viewing experience!

    NFT - Complementing the physical gift is an NFT creation curated by the acclaimed artist Amber Vittoria. "For What's Important" is Amber Vittoria's collection for Gift Goat. Comprised of 5 variations, each piece speaks to the elements of our lives that are most important: joy, love, hope, inspiration, and connection. Although intangible, these elements are what we all should aim to carry with us every day. These digital artworks resonate with VeeFriends' mission of making the world a happier place by scaling soft skills. They are brought to life in Amber's signature style, characterized by bold color work and palette. As an artist, poet, and author, Amber brings a unique perspective to the VeeFriends ecosystem, bridging the gap between physical and digital artistry with elegance.

    Gifted On: April 23, 2024

    Learn more about Gift 16 here

  • Gift #17: VeeFriends Deluxe Collector’s Kit

    Gift - At the heart of Gift Goat #17, Goats will find the VeeFriends Deluxe Collector's Kit, a curated selection of limited-edition VeeFriends collectibles designed and produced exclusively for Gift Goat #17. As VeeFriends continues to break through various avenues of popular culture, our collectibles serve as a cornerstone of growth.

    Within the VeeFriends Deluxe Collector's Kit, recipients can expect an assortment of premium items:

    • VeeFriends Trading Card Game Play Kit - This first-ever produced play kit features five sealed packs of VeeFriends Trading Card Game cards, a Premium Tri-Fold Game Board, Premium Metal Game Coins, and an Official VeeFriends Trading Card Game Instructions Booklet
    • Two Premium 18K Gold-Plated VeeFriends Pins - In Gift 17, Gift Goats are receiving two dazzling, 18K gold-plated pins featuring the Perfect Persian Cat and the VeeFriends TCG Logo, each uniquely crafted, limited to /555 editions, and produced solely for Gift Goats.
    • Limited Edition Gift Goat Collectible Card - Created in collaboration with a leading card manufacturer, this limited edition Gift Goat collectible card serves as a prized keepsake for Gift Goat recipients, commemorating their connection to the VeeFriends community
    • Five CGC-Graded Super Stickers - This set has 5 total characters Super Stickers, and Gift Goats are receiving all 5. These Super Stickers feature popular VeeFriends characters, including: Alpha Alligator, Empathy Elephant, Nifty Narwhal, Passionate Parrot, Thoughtful Three-Horned Harpik. All rarities are inspired by elements of Gift Goat and include Blue /300, Gold /199, Goated /55, and 1/1 GaryVee Auto.
    • Five Randomized CGC-Graded VeeFriends Cards

    NFT - We're thrilled to showcase Sabet as our featured NFT artist, who is known for his artistic vision and unique abstract style. Venturing beyond traditional art forms, Sabet found a newfound freedom of expression through NFTs. His foray into the digital realm culminated in STRATOSPHERE 2022, the largest Metaverse & IRL NFT art showcase, featuring 1000 NFT artists. For Gift #17, Sabet has created VeeVibrations, because when the worlds of VeeFriends and Sabet collide, we feel the VeeVibrations.

    Gifted On: April 30, 2024

    Learn more about Gift 17 here

  • Gift #18: A Celebration of Greatness

    Gift - Gift Goat #18 marks the culmination of a thrilling gifting saga with VeeFriends. Along this 3-year journey of gifting 18 special physical, experiential, and digital gifts, Gift Goat has gleaned a crucial lesson: always remember to live in the present, celebrate the wins, and prioritize self-care while striving for greatness.

    Gift #18 includes a bundle of products meant to inspire goats to strive for greatness. The Therabody Sleep Bundle, featuring the Theragun Elite and SmartGoggles, is an ultimate set that brings physical and mental wellbeing to a new level! For avid collectors and NFL fans, Gift Goat #18 offers the opportunity to own memorabilia from two American football icons. This gift features a Joe Montana Signed Football that reflects the greatness of Montana's 16-season NFL career with the San Francisco 49ers, leading them to four Super Bowl victories. Montana was named Super Bowl MVP three times, earned NFL MVP honors twice, and made eight Pro Bowl appearances. Also included is a Trevor Lawrence Jacksonville Jaguars Autographed Nike Limited Jersey, celebrating Lawrence's rising dominance.

    NFT - “The G.O.A.T Cards” by Terrell Jones pays tribute to the concept of being the "Greatest Of All Time" or G.O.A.T in the sports realm, this collection pays homage to the sentimental value that trading cards hold through Skelliot “The G.O.A.T” Deville. The perfect addition to this sport theme gifting experience!

    Gifted On: May 2, 2024

    Learn more about Gift 18 here

  • Surprise Gifts

    The three gifts below were surprise & delights exclusively for Gift Goat holders, as a testament to both the prestigious and spontaneous nature of Gift Goat

    Uncut VeeFriends Uno Card Sheets

    Gifted On: December 12, 2022

    During the Series 1 Gift Goat Event in Atlanta, as part of Gift 8, GaryVee announced that recipients of Gift 8 would also receive a bonus surprise in the form of an uncut sheet of VeeFriends UNO Cards. When trading cards are produced, they are first printed on large sheets and then cut into individual cards. Since individual cards are more abundant, the complete sheet of all cards is known to be incredibly desirable. As the first-ever set of VeeFriends playing cards, the VeeFriends x UNO collaboration was a significant moment for the VeeFriends IP, partnering with one of the most well-known games in the world. These uncut sheets had previously never been seen by the public and come in a very limited quantity.

    Learn more about this surprise here

    Gift Goat “Gifted” Starter Jacket

    Photo credit: @mynetworkguy_ on X

    Gifted On: January 25, 2023

    Following the exciting partnership of VeeFriends and legendary sportswear brand, Starter for the Alert Ape Starter Jacket, VeeFriends surprised Gift Goat holders with a jacket of their own. This exclusive jacket came with “GIFTED” across the chest and the artwork of the Series 1 Gift Goat on the back.

    VeeFriends Gift Goat Pin

    Gifted On: May 11, 2023

    VeeFriends Pins play a major role in the VeeFriends collectible ecosystem, and the first-ever VeeFriends Pin was a limited edition piece featuring the beloved Series 1 Gift Goat character. Gift Goat holders were exclusively gifted the only 555 of these pins produced, marking this a true collector’s gem.

    Learn more about this surprise here

  • "Amuse Bouche" (additional gift) - Future Art: Access All Art Pass

    To whet the appetite, Gift Goats were surprised by air-dropping what we called an “amuse-bouche” to give a little taste of what was to come.

    In addition to the 36 total gifts, Gift Goats received a Future Art Access All Art Pass NFT to their wallet. Access All Art VeeFriends Edition Holders received: 1 x Access All Art Pass NFT Access to All Future Art events worldwide including confirmed shows in Ibiza, Sydney, London, New York + pop-up events 4 x Curated NFT Art drops.

    Gifted On: November 1, 2021

  • How the Gift Goat Gifting Experience Works

    Only holders of Series 1 Gift Goats are eligible to receive Gift Goat gifts. In order to receive your gifts, you first need to “verify” your Gift Goat by creating an account on and linking your wallet that holds your Gift Goat token. Please fully complete your profile with address and sizing information. The address information you input on your VeeFriends profile will be used for shipping information and physical gift details. Please read THIS BLOG to learn how to create your account and complete your profile.

    Once you verify the Gift Goat token on VeeFriends website, the shipping information will roll over for future gifts as long as the token remains in a wallet linked to your VeeFriends profile. You may also update your shipping information at any time.

    Eligible gift recipients are captured in snapshots, locking in your wallet address and shipping information for each individual gift. Snapshot times for upcoming gifts will be communicated via the #Gift-Goat-Updates channel in the VeeFriends Discord. To obtain the proper role to view this token-gated channel, please link your Discord account to your VeeFriends profile.

  • Gift Goats FAQ

    To provide more clarity on the Gift Goat token, below is a “Gift Goat FAQs”:

    1) I missed the deadline for my gift, am I still able to claim it?

    Unfortunately, once the deadline has passed, all Gift Goat holders’ information has been snapshotted and sent over to production for the gift. You are still able to receive the next gift if you hold the Goat at the time of the gift snapshot.

    2) I moved my Gift Goat to my hardware wallet. Do I need to re-verify my Gift Goat?

    As long as the Gift Goat token remains in a wallet linked to your VeeFriends profile, no action is required. If this wallet has not been linked to your profile, you will need to link it in order for us to verify that you own that Series 1 Gift Goat token.

    3) I have multiple Gift Goats, do I have to verify each token?

    As long as these Gift Goats are held in wallets linked to your VeeFriends profile, you do not need to verify them individually. These tokens do not need to be held in the same wallet, as long as each wallet is linked to your account.

    For gifts that require the claiming of physical gifts using Verify With VeeFriends on, you can claim all gifts at once per eligible token held.

    This gift claim process may vary if the claim is being hosted on our gift partner’s site.

    4) What if I sell my Gift Goat, does my information still remain saved in the system?

    If your Gift Goat is transferred to a wallet that is not linked to your VeeFriends profile, your shipping and address information will remain, but your eligibility for gifts will be removed as we can no longer verify token ownership.

    5) If I sell my Gift Goat after the gift snapshot, will I still receive the associated gift

    Yes, as long as you hold your Gift Goat by the gift snapshot, you will receive the associated gift.

    6) How do I claim physical gifts using Verify With VeeFriends?

    To use Verify With VeeFriends, simply navigate to the product page for the gift claim on, click “Verify With VeeFriends”, sign into your VeeFriends account, and checkout for a cost of $0. To do so, you must have a account with your wallet(s) holding your Gift Goat token(s) linked. For more information on Verify With VeeFriends, see this blog.

    For any further Gift Goat issues you may be experiencing please email us at To join the exclusive Gift Goat Channel in our VeeFriends Discord, please join HERE and connect your Discord to your VeeFriends profile to verify your role to gain access.