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FaceTime with GaryVee!

Series 1 Access Event · Published by VeeFriends · 181 days ago · 1min read

As a FaceTime Five, Fly, Flea, Fox, or Frog token holder you will have exclusive access to VeeFriends Founder and Creator, Gary Vaynerchuk for a one-on-one 5-minute virtual FaceTime experience. During this intimate exchange, you can engage in a meaningful discussion on any topic of your choice and gain valuable insights from one of the leaders in the business and marketing world.

Please be aware that token holders will have until 3 days before the experience to RSVP for themselves or others.

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Time left to access

6 Days
17 Hours
06 Minutes
29 Seconds
Event Date
10/24/23 10:00AM - 10/24/23 1:00PM

Eligibility Requirements

  • Series 1 FaceTime Five
  • Series 1 FaceTime Flea
  • Series 1 FaceTime Fly
  • Series 1 FaceTime Fox
  • Series 1 FaceTime Frog