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Reebok x VeeFriends Aspiring Alpaca Classic Nylon Holder Exclusive Presale

Presale · Published by VeeFriends · 103 days ago · 1min read

Welcome to the VeeFriends x Reebok Presale! Please read below for the necessary information prior to preordering.

Presale Overview:

Presale Period: August 17th at 10 AM ET - August 23rd at 10 AM ET

Eligibility: Access to the presale is gated to holders of any VF1 or VF2 Tokens. The quantity of tokens held directly determines how many pairs you're eligible to preorder. 

Ex: Own (1) VF1 and (1) VF2, you're eligible to pre order (2) shoes.

All orders made through will receive a bonus gift in the form of an exclusive 1/1,000 CGC Graded Aspiring Alpaca Super Sticker, included free with purchase. There are 5 rarities to collect, which are randomized upon fulfillment.


  1. After confirming eligibility, you'll need to select the VeeFriends token that you'd like to use for Presale purchasing. The amount of tokens that you select is equal to the amount of pairs of a particular size that you are ordering. For example, if you select (2) tokens for presale purchasing and select size 10 on the order, this translates to pre-ordering (2) size 10 pairs. Please only select the amount of tokens that matches the amount of pairs you'd like to preorder.
  2. It is not possible to preorder multiple sizes in a single order. Should you want to order multiple sizes, you will need to create multiple purchase orders and repeat this process for each different size desired.

All purchases are subject to VeeFriends' E-Commerce Terms of Use (which can be found at and the additional promotional terms  (which can be found at

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Presale Date
08/17/23 10:00AM - 08/23/23 10:00AM

Eligibility Requirements

Any Series 1 or Series 2