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Eruption 18: Pin Pose Swap Phase 2

Eruption #18 · Published by VeeFriends · 12 days ago · 2min read

Welcome to Burn Island Eruption 18: Pin Pose Swap!

BEFORE YOU BURN, please see below.

Phase 2 Pose Swap Steps:

  1. Verify your eligibility by logging into your account and clicking “Check Eligibility”
  2. If you qualify, you will receive a prompt to proceed to the next steps, click “Proceed”
  3. Choose the token(s) you wish to burn and acknowledge the Terms and Conditions
  4. Handpick your eligible Series 2 "5s" Tokens for Pose Swap!
  5. After you make your selection, you will be redirected to a ‘Preview Page’ where you will be able to see the potential final products of your burn-swap – click ‘Accept’ if you are satisfied with the changes you are about to make to your token backgrounds. When you decide to burn tokens, you'll need to take a couple of confirmation steps. First, you must "confirm" in IMX, and then you'll need to "sign" in Metamask or another non-custodial wallet to verify the action. It's crucial not to navigate away from the Burn Island page during this process. You'll receive an on-screen notification once the token burn has been confirmed.
  6. Finally, confirm and execute the token burn

Eruption Details

TYPE: Pose Swap

WHO: Series 1 & Series 2 “5s” Character token holders

REQUIREMENT: Hold Any (1) VeeFriends Series 2 “5s” token

Series 2 Gift Goat, Spectaculars, Actively Competing poses, and Dynamic Scenes such as Clouds & Dirt, TOKYOLUV, and Indy Canal 2023 are not eligible for this Pose Swap.

BURN: Any (1) BOOK GAMES token

PRIZE: “Pin” Pose

Duration: 7 days

Phase 2 Start: Friday, July 12th at 2 PM ET

Phase 2 End: Friday, July 19th at 2 PM ET

Key points to keep in mind when burning BOOK GAMES tokens via IMX:

  • You'll need access to the wallet holding your BOOK GAMES token to complete the burn
  • IMX burns work on desktop only
  • Please have all tokens being burnt in the same wallet at the time of burn

Please Note: One swap will be available for each unique character scene. Holders of the same character can only swap if their scene differs from those already swapped. Tokens that have already had their combo pose/background swapped will appear in the “Ineligible Tokens” section of the token selection screen.

For more information on Eruption 18, read the full blog by clicking "Learn More"

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This eruption has ended. Burning is no longer available.
Eruption Timeline
07/12 to 07/19
Eligibility Requirements
Hold Any Series 2 ā€œ5sā€ Token and Burn Any BOOK Games Token
Eruption Type
  • Token Metadata
Total Tokens Burned

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