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Eruption 12: Pies Bake Best In Silver (June) Ovens

Eruption #12 · Published by VeeFriends · 199 days ago · 1min read

Welcome to Eruption 12! An eruption born from a comment by GaryVee during the launch of BOOK GAMES, "pies bake best in silver ovens", presents a tasty opportunity to take home a June Oven Plus! To 'bake', you'll need some 'fire' to get the burn going. For this eruption, participants are required to burn two (2) "Humility is Delicious" BOOK GAMES tokens with a silver frame and the LAVA spectacular trait

Eruption 12 follows a first-come-first-serve format, with a limit of 15 participants. The participation prize is a brand new June Oven Plus! Once all 15 ovens have been awarded, the Eruption is over. 

International participation is welcomed, however if you reside outside of the US, please take note that you might need a compatible adapter for proper functionality. To find more information about the product, as well as Eruption 12 as a whole, please refer to the blog below by clicking "learn more".

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This eruption has ended. Burning is no longer available.
Eruption Timeline
11/09 to 11/16
Eligibility Requirements
"Humility is Delicious" | Silver Frame | Lava BOOK GAMES
Eruption Type
  • Apparel/Merchandise
    • With VeeFriends Shop
Total Tokens Burned
15 / 15
15/15 tokens have have been burned (0 remaining)!

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