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Eruption 11: Super Stickers Scene Swap

Eruption #11 · Published by VeeFriends · 216 days ago · 2min read

Welcome to Burn Island Eruption 11: Super Stickers Scene Swap! BEFORE YOU BURN, please see below. 

Prior to Burning - CLICK HERE to watch a tutorial video of the Scene Swap process. Please note that this was recorded during the beta testing phase and is for demonstration purposes only.

Scene Swap Steps: 

1. Verify your eligibility by logging into your account and clicking "Check Eligibility"

2. If you qualify, you will receive a prompt to proceed to the next steps, click "Proceed"

3. Choose the token(s) you wish to burn and acknowledge the Terms and Conditions

4. Handpick your eligible Series 2 Tokens for Scene Swap!

5. After you make your selection, you will be redirected to a "Preview Page" where you will be able to see the potential final products of your burn-scene swap - click "Accept" if you are satisfied with the changes you are about to make to your token backgrounds.

6. Finally, confirm and execute the token burn

Eruption Details:

WHO: All Series 2 Token Holders

  • Series 2 "Actively Competing" tokens are not eligible for this Scene Swap. 


PRIZE: Super Stickers Scene

Please Note: One swap will be available for each unique character pose. Holders of the same character can only swap if their pose differs from those already swapped. Tokens that have already had their combo pose/background swapped will appear in the "Ineligible Tokens" section of the token selection screen. This does not directly apply to Series 2 Spectaculars or Gift Goats for reasons presented below.

How This Works for Series 2 Spectaculars and Gift Goats

While all Series 2 Spectaculars are in the Competing pose, they are all inherently 1/1s due to the physical embodiment of their Spectacular trait. There is only 1 of each Spectacular type for each character, and this will remain true for scene swaps. With Gift Goats having the same scene and only two poses, they are all inherently 1/1s due to the unique number on their tag. With these details in mind, Series 2 Spectaculars and Gift Goats do not need a character/pose parameter in place as their 1/1 nature is inherent and won’t be affected by Scene Swaps.

For more information on Scene Swaps and Eruption 11, read the full blog by clicking "Learn More"

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This eruption has ended. Burning is no longer available.
Eruption Timeline
10/23 to 10/30
Eligibility Requirements
Series 2 Token Holders and Any Book Games
Eruption Type
  • Token Metadata
Total Tokens Burned

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