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Snoop Dogg x VeeFriends Collab Phase 2: Trivia

Eruption #7 · Published by VeeFriends · 360 days ago · 1min read

Welcome back to Phase 2 in the Snoop Dogg x VeeFriends Collaboration! Phase 2 is set to celebrate the collaboration between GaryVee and Snoop Dogg as well as Snoop's passion for Web3, specifically his iconic Bored Ape known as Dr. Bombay in a game of Trivia. 

To play, you'll need to permanently burn one "Please Take a Step Back" NFT per attempt. There's no limit on the number of tokens you can burn to play additional rounds, but please know you'll need to burn 1 token per attempt. Each attempt's final score will be calculated based on two key factors: Accuracy and Speed.

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This eruption has ended. Burning is no longer available.
Eruption Timeline
06/01 to 06/06
Eligibility Requirements
Any "Please Take a Step Back" NFT
Eruption Type
  • Trivia
Total Tokens Burned
Current Highest Score

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