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Snoop Dogg & VeeFriends "Please Take a Step Back" NFT Collection Mint

Eruption #6 · Published by VeeFriends · 350 days ago · 1min read

For this special Eruption, Burn Island will allow VeeCon 2022 tickets to be burned at a one-to-one ratio, with no limit on how many one can burn, in exchange for a newly minted NFT from the "Please Take a Step Back" NFT collection created by VeeFriends in collaboration with Snoop Dogg.

Additionally, the collaboration has a total of 3 phases. In order to participate in the following 2 phases, it will require the permanent burning of NFTs from the "Please Take a Step Back" collection in order to enter.

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This eruption has ended. Burning is no longer available.
Eruption Timeline
04/28 to 05/08
Eligibility Requirements
Any VeeCon 2022 Token
Eruption Type
  • 1:1 Burn to Mint
Total Tokens Burned

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