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Change My Mind and Win a CryptoPunk

Eruption #5 · Published by VeeFriends · 371 days ago · 1min read

Eruption 5 is an exciting contest in the VeeFriends universe inspired by Gary's favorite number 5. This unique game of skill will put participants' ingenuity, storytelling, authenticity, and debate skills to the test and offer them a chance to win CryptoPunk #9585 - a truly coveted digital asset.

To enter Burn Island Eruption 5, participants must burn ONE(1) VeeFriends Series 2 NFT and submit a max 20 seconds video response to Cynical Cat's prompt "You humans, will never overcome your fears or negativity. Record a 20 second video, to debate me, Cynical Cat, to prove me wrong. I got CryptoPunk #9585 on the line if you do!"

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This eruption has ended. Burning is no longer available.
Eruption Timeline
04/17 to 04/24
Eligibility Requirements
Any Series 2 Token
Eruption Type
  • Social Contest
Total Tokens Burned

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